2018 Evening Series – Match 2

Tuesday 26th June 2018

We saw 7 anglers return for round 2 of our Evening Series, the continued warm weather certainly causing some concern of being able to catch at all by those who turned up. Very little visible flow, a reducing river level and an expectation that the fish just wouldn’t be feeding at all certainly was the talk before the draw.

Well the theory was proven right – it was a tough night for all. Having pegged out of the top half of the 1st field from Peg 13 (as marked) upwards, there was plenty of variation between pegs to mix thing up a little. The Perch were to be found if you came equipped with worm and some patience. Various sizes were to be had with Liam and Stewart both catching reasonably sized specimens during the 3 hours of fishing, reasonable being circa 1lb.

The far bank was providing catches for all who ventured there, with the risk of getting caught up in either the overhang if your cast wasn’t accurate or snagging on some of the reeds and lilies on the return to recast. Small Dace, Roach and Perch to be picked off if you could get through the Minnows!

Weights at the end of the night as follows

1Liam Tuck2lb.08oz
2Tony Beddingfield2lb.04oz
3Terry Greenslade0lb.08oz
5Stewart Randell1lb.05oz
6Craig Whelan0lb.05oz
8Gary Sollis1lb.00oz
9David Litchfield0lb.14oz

Full report and tables can be found here.

2018 Evening Series – Match 1

Tuesday 19th June 2018

We opened the Evening Series with a superb turnout of 11 anglers, more than any single turn out of last seasons Evening Series – so firstly a thank you to all of you who turned up.

An exceptionally fine evening saw us at Nutford Farm in the first field, pegged out between Peg 1 to Peg 14, with 12 pegs marked out for anglers. A draw at 18:00 prompt saw anglers off to their peg to enjoy freshly cleared swims and feature rich from the close seasons inactivity. The water was low and clear, visibility of 18 inches easily in places, and as ever the flow at Nutford was on the slower side of pacey.

General feedback during weigh in was a steady start to proceedings with a tailing off of activity towards sunset, a very slow last hour amongst many. Favoured methods during the evening were waggler and stick float with worm and bread punch attracting those able to lure the shy fish to the banks and of course maggot ever present in the anglers armoury.

Weights at the end of the night as follows

1Tony Beddingfield2lb.12oz
2Stewart Randell1lb.12oz
3Terry Greenslade0lb.00oz
4Peter Brundish0lb.10oz
5Gary Sollis2lb.00oz
6David Litchfield1lb.00oz
7Alex Compiani0lb.14oz
8David Sollis0lb.04oz
9Bryan Hunt0lb.10oz
10Liam Tuck0lb.04oz
11Craig Whelan1lb.00oz

Full report and tables can be found here.