2020 Evening Series – Match 5

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Fishing the middle 12 pegs for the final match of the 2020 Evening Series, we welcomed 10 anglers who braved the wind to tackle what Nutford has to offer. The temperature felt a lot cooler than recent weeks, with cloud cover and the wind – the evening had a touch of Autumn about it.

Despite the wind a number of the anglers did choose to tackle their peg with pole, and the waggler is in favour elsewhere – fairly standard practice for Nutford. Minnows were found to plague those who fished shallow – those who did find fish found them anchored to the bottom – with Perch making a consistent show across all pegs.

3 anglers breaking 2lb weights with the next four anglers each putting over a pound in.

We knew the numbers were going to be tight, with 10 anglers, Alex would need to blank or go home early not to win the series – very little chance of that happening, and so the results show. Places 3-5 were competed for as expected, and the final table threw up a surprise for both Terry and Craig!

Congratulations for the night goes to Bryan Hunt for putting a 2lb 12oz bag together, with Ben Bentley in second and David Sollis (a former junior member) taking third – well done guys, great results and fantastic way to end the Series.

As for the Series itself, 1st place to Alex Compiani (72pts)! Congratulations Alex for superb angling through the 5 matches. Alex was the only angler to put over 3lb in the net and did so on 2 occasions; the weight table certainly demonstrates Alex’s ability, never mind the final points results.

2nd place in the 2020 Evening Series goes to Ben Bentley (62pts) and Craig Whelan (49pts) claiming 3rd place at the last moment.

Thank you to all anglers who made it out to Nutford Farm for the 2020 Evening Series, we had the largest numbers we’ve hosted in years and we had consistent numbers from the first to the last match – a real show of support for the club and our informal, friendly, club matches – thank you!

Weights at the end of the night as follows

3Bryan2lb 12oz
2Ben2lb 3oz
1David S2lb
12Alex1lb 14oz
10Jamie1lb 8oz
7Craig1lb 5oz

Full report and tables can be found here.

Evening Series 2020 Matches – Match 5 Scheduled

Evening Series 2020

Final match of the 2020 Evening Series @ Nutford Farm, Blandford Forum

Book by Monday 18:00 before each match by contacting Craig Whelan (07525 966 187), via Facebook or via Club website (www.blandfordangling.co.uk)

Please ensure you book your bait early with Conyers (01258 452307) if purchasing from them, they are open and welcome your custom.

Draw to take place bank side in the first field. If cattle are in the field – please keep hard left, follow the fence line around the field and meet near peg 1.

Club members only, no match fee. Please bring valid Blandford & District Angling Club membership card and valid EA rod licence.

Draw @ 18:00 (prompt)
Fish @ 18:30 – 21:00

COVID-19 Considerations

In response to the measures in place for managing the spread of COVID-19 we are applying a strict code of rules to our matches, as follows. Any queries at all, please contact Craig directly.

Craig Whelan (07525 966 187, craig@blandfordangling.co.uk ) will officiate the match

The following rules have been drafted taking guidance from the Angling Trust published Best Practices for Coarse Competition Fishing under COVID-19


All rules are to be obeyed, without question, for the safety of each other, our communities and the continuation of our sport

Pegs will be checked for distance prior to the match proceeding, where two pegs are less than 15m apart, the next peg will be allocated to the draw

Anglers will meet bank side at Nutford Farm, observing a 2m distance

Those arriving by car are requested to give enough space to navigate around cars with equipment and ensure social distancing can be maintained

Draw will take place by Craig, peg numbers will be pulled from the bag and advised to the anglerAnglers are to make their way to the allocated peg immediately, maintaining social distance

At all times (draw, match, weigh in and post match), anglers are to maintain social distance, no visiting of other anglers or pegs during the match or weigh in

Craig will nominate, at the draw, an angler (ideally another committee member) to record weights at the time of weigh in

Anglers are to stay in their peg for weigh in, the angler will be asked to transfer the fish in to the weighing container at which point Craig will weigh the catch on a tripod setup

Craig will return the fish to the water and the angler will continue to pack away and leave the peg, maintain social distance

Results will be calculated and published to Facebook, Club website and where appropriate, text message

Unfortunately, we will not be permitting Junior members to fish the Evening Series at this time, we will update the guidance in due course

2020 Evening Series – Match 4

Tuesday 30th June 2020

We were delighted to welcome 12 anglers to our fourth 2020 Evening Series match, with the top end of field 1 at Nutford Farm being chosen for this evenings match.

Mixed bags all round with Dace, Perch, Minnows and Roach being caught. The fishing was harder this week and the results show this. Varied techniques being used across the pegs, from whip, pole, waggler and stick float, the top end of field 1 offers a lot of peg variety so tactics and technique are key. Maggot consistently the bait of choice with some using ground baits to attract and keep fish in their pegs.

Congratulations to Alex Compiani again for taking top spot, fourth match in a row! Liam Tuck showed great skill and missed out on the top spot by only 3 ounces! Our very own Tony Beddingfield (who hasn’t fished a match so far!) turned up and showed how experience and skill can result in a great position in the rankings.

Upon initial calculation it may seem that Alex Compiani has already walked away with the series crown, however mathematically it’s still to play for! The top spot is a fight between Alex and Ben Bentley, we’re looking forward to seeing the next match play out! And there will definitely be some jostling for 3rd, 4th and 5th spots!

Weights at the end of the night as follows

20Alex2lb 7oz
16Liam2lb 4oz
18Ben1lb 6oz
28Bryan1lb 6oz
12David S1lb 4oz
25Jamie1lb 4oz

Full report and tables can be found here.

2020 Evening Series – Match 3

Tuesday 30th June 2020

Another healthy turn out of anglers for the third match in our 2020 Evening Series. Choosing field 1 again for consistency and ease of access, the waters looked good with a tinge of colour due to recent rain and with overcast skies it wasn’t too bright.

A number of anglers struggled this evening, with good healthy debate over technique versus draw of the peg versus conditions. There’s something to be said about technique when those pulling the weights are regulars on the banks with keen attention to how they fish the waters. We spoke with Bryan Hunt after the match who’d fished field 2 and managed to pull in over 3lb of fish in 2 hours.

Congratulations to Alex Compiani again, winning the evening session with a bag of 3lb 2oz. Alex was kind enough to share that he’d used single maggot with a positively shot stick float running through his swim. Terry has a great night with a small haul of fish but weighing in over 1.5lb and Ben missed out on 2nd spot by an ounce which is impressive given the amount of Minnows in his net (must have been getting on 100 fish!)

Weights at the end of the night as follows

1Alex3lb 2oz
15Terry1lb 0oz
10Ben1lb 9oz
12David S1lb

Full report and tables can be found here.